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Maureen’s Decorating Tips




























  • When decorating your home, think of it as an experience that should be done in its entirety (if at all possible, particularly with regard to paint.)

  • Plan colors throughout and select colors that relate to each other.

  • It is perfectly ok to paint each room using a different color. However, there should be a color that is used in every room in order to bring balance to your home.

  • Ultra white (or a light color) would be a good choice for all base boards, door trims, as well as ceilings. It is not mandatory for all the ceiling colors to be the same. However, if it's one large room and the room serves two purposes, the ceiling should be one color.

  • Plan your design and paint project and be sure that all colors complement your space. e.g. a strong accent wall – turquoise with off-white walls could be quite dramatic and interesting, along with ultra white baseboards, door trims and ceilings.

  • A dark wall does not cut the room. In fact, it provides depth to the space. If your preference is having a light room and you want some pizzazz, this can be achieved with adding accent walls and selecting furniture and decor items. e.g. an off-white sofa, pillows, art, as your eye will be immediately drawn to the light furnishings and decor items.  

  • Accent colors add a lot of interest to walls. Of course, these colors look best if they are darker. e.g. a charcoal grey accent wall will look terrific against silver grey walls, mixed with teal as an accent color (paint baseboards and door frames in off white or ultra white.) Furniture could be in charcoal grey, silver grey, or off-white (depending on the wall color).  Use off-white pillows and abstract design fabric with wall colors or a color from the artwork to bring all of the elements together.  

  • If flooring is charcoal grey, add an area rug in off-white (could be shag) or a turquoise color to complete the look.

  • Take the size of your working space into consideration when selecting colors. Having a color and design plan which works will save you time and money and eliminate unnecessary frustration.

  • It’s okay to mix different looks as being eclectic adds interest.

  • Use colors that feel good to you and select your furniture and accessories wisely.

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