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Client Testimonials

Elaine & Ira - Playa Vista, CA

"When my husband and I relocated from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, we had to move into our condo before it was completely ready for us. After almost a month of living with construction crews in our home every day — and therefore not being able to get out to explore our neighborhood to get a sense of where to find all the things we needed to make our new, unfinished place feel like home, I called Maureen Tepedino. And was I glad I did! 


Maureen came over and instantly set to work on calming me down (not an easy task!) and helping my husband and me figure out how to turn our raw space into a beautiful home. When we told her we wanted to incorporate as much of what we had brought with us as we could without compromising the vision we had for our new home, Maureen knew exactly what to do. One month later, our home was complete — a perfect blend of old and new in a unified space that’s beautiful and comfortable and honors the vision we had. 


We love our new home, and we never would have been able to create this fabulous yet cozy environment without Maureen’s guidance, expertise, and amazing good taste. And she did it all within our budget! Maureen is the ultimate professional, and we’re so grateful that we found her."


Debbi Swartz Singer - Marina del Rey, CA


"Congratulations! I too have had the pleasure of working with Maureen Tepedino and she truly is a talent. She has helped me in my home and Restaurants. Her artistic ability and eye for color help her transform people's appearances and spaces!"


Sharon - Marina del Rey, CA


"We are so thrilled with everything. We love being in the kitchen and we love what you did with the curio cabinet. It is so perfect. I can hardly wait to do the living room. I am so excited to see you and to see what the boat [that you repainted] looks like when you are done. You are right, as you always are, the boat is not too dark at all, it flows with everything else. You clearly have captured our energy!"

Martine - Irvine, CA


"Hi Maureen, "A card is in the mail"... but I just first wanted to share with you how much friends and neighbours love my new apartment ... complimenting your decoration and artwork. All say it is very warm, homey and yes, of course, eclectic..! Thanks again for all your good work!"


Sachi & Gerald - Culver City, CA


"Thank you Maureen for making our home warm and comforting! Our neighbors are in awe and Nicole will be calling you to transform her home as well!" 

Elizabeth - Los Angeles, CA


"What makes Maureen one of the most talented designers that I have worked with is her ability to understand the client, make executive decisions and have an end result that makes real impact without losing the client's vision. Maureen has huge talent in her artwork as well. Her artwork is in my client's boardroom, reception area and the president's office. She worked with me on the Los Angeles Business Journal's renovation. Maureen choose all the color pallets, wall coverings, workstation panel fabrics, the laminate, trim and carpet and made their corporate offices look professional, warm welcoming and inviting. She is brilliant with color and putting the right elements together. I would highly recommend Maureen to any company that I work with."


Dina - Santa Monica, CA


"I love Maureen's ideas, color inspirations, keen and critical eye, tirelessness and good humor.  She helped me choose a fantastic color palette for my entire home interior and also worked with me to create a hipper and more dynamic family/living room, working with me to select new furnishings that make sense for how we live AND which are beautiful and comfortable.  The results are absolutely sensational." 


Lisa and Joe - Marina del Rey, CA


"Maureen’s recommendations regarding color, design, and furniture were so much in sync with what my husband and I wanted our new home to look like. It turned out beautifully and we are so happy we used her services. Maureen was quick and efficient and finished the project ahead of the scheduled time. She was highly recommended to us by friends and we would not hesitate to recommend her."


Alyssa Dazet - Santa Monica, CA


"Coming into my mid-thirties I found myself a successful business owning woman with an apartment that didn't match. I was embarassed to have company because my purple and green walls and mis-matched furniture didn't represent the woman I was anymore. In comes Maureen to the rescue! I couldn't be happier with my apartment now! Absolutely the best money I have ever spent. Maureen was professional, extremely efficient, fun and just lovely to work with. My apartment is a perfectly gorgeous mixture of classy, chic and sophisticated! Exactly what I wanted and I'm absolutely in love with it. I can't thank you enough Maureen... you have utterly changed my life!"


Bill - Culver City, CA


"Maureen did a fabulous job of taking our dingy condo and making it a gorgeous place to live in. She did all the design work, hired the contractors, and supervised the efforts as construction proceeded. She worked with us to get the right look and came up with ideas that were spectacular while meeting the tastes of my wife and I. She's the best!" 

Mary Kay Cocharo -  Santa Monica, CA

"Thanks to Maureen Tepedino, I now have a beautiful living room filled with flowing drapes, brand new lush sofas, and beautifully dressed tables. Next project - The Den! Call Maureen for your decorating needs. She's professional, lovely, warm and kind and with her little Jamaican accent, you won't even mind when she tells you the wreath on your door is hideous."


Elaine and Mike – Pacific Palisades, CA


"Maureen was able to win over my husband and children with her design style and expertise. She was able to create the perfect office for my husband and myself and a great play area for the kids. They now love their rooms and our entire home is now fun, functional and beautiful." 

Julia – Playa del Rey, CA

"I met Maureen and fell in love with her kind, patient demeanor. I rambled on trying to explain what I wanted. She listened carefully and then made recommendations to put a complete color and design theme together. I also purchased some of her art pieces which have made my walls more interesting. Thanks again…"

Sharon - Marina Del Rey, CA

"Thanks for making my Master Bathroom look Amazing! I feel like I am at a luxury resort every time I go in there."

Leslie - Cheviot Hills, CA


"My home is so beautiful! Would you believe I just got home from work and it's after 2 am and I opened the door and thought I was in the wrong house - then I heard Mazie bark so I knew I didn't make a mistake. It is absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous!"


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